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Full Carbon Hunting Spear Fishing Gun Barrels
鱼枪管 8-11

Full Carbon Hunting Spear Fishing Gun Barrels

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鱼枪管 8-11
Product description


Metric System, British System


1-360 degrees

Diameter mm

Usually 15~300mm, the larger diameter need to check with engineers.

Inner diameter tolerance


Outer diameter tolerance



0-10mm, customized


Usually 0-1400mm

Surface treatment

Matte / glossy

Maximum tolerable temperature

- 30 - + 180 C

Appearance of Carbon fiber material

1K, 3K, 6K, 12K (according to customer requirements)

Rolling and wrapping

According to the customer's requirements to set the carbon fiber material layer ratio

The directions of Rolling and wrapping carbon fiber

According to the customer's performance requirements for different products, engineers can design the main structure of the product through mechanical performance simulation in the process of structural design to achieve the best performance.

Water absorption





Calculated value after test according to customer requirements

Bending strength

Calculated value after test according to customer requirements

Tensile strength

T300 T700 T800 T1000

The detection and inspection test methods in the production process and after the production

In the production process, each section uses special testing instruments for dimensional inspection. After the completion of production, the quality control carries out full inspection according to the drawing dimensions




Full Carbon Hunting Spear Fishing Gun Barrels
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